Montessori Education



«To learn, a child must feel accepted, loved, secure and act within an environment that is encouraging, nourishing and supportive».

Maria Montessori

Scientific design


The education we provide specializes in giving children the tools with which they can practise and experiment themselves, refining their skills until satisfied with the accomplished task. Within this dynamic, the reward becomes the satisfaction of the goal being fulfilled by themselves.



To assist the child to let go of negative behaviour we guide him/her towards activities which enhance focus and allow the constructive elements of his/her personality to be highlighted.


Therefore, in the transmission of knowledge, the role of the teacher is to create learning conditions adapted to the pace and stage of development of the child and to enable him / her to achieve the objectives desired.

Holistic approach

Through its focus on the child's desire to learn, Montessori Pedagogy stimulates the child's ability to observe and concentrate.
It strengthens its ability to organize its activities and to project himself/herself as an existing subject and acting in relation to others and to the social environment.
In Montessori structures such as our Montessori - Le Valentin School, the teacher is like an initiator and a guide in the child's journey towards fulfillment.


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