Fondation de l'école



The Catholic School of Valentin was created in 2003 by our General Manager Mr. A. Abu-Nijmeh.

It is a non-profit structure and its mission is to ensure the maintenance of its schools.

Our Schools

The Valentin Catholic School (Le Valentin), the Montessori School - Le Valentin and the program designated under the name of Twelfth Active are the schools under the aegis of the foundation.

Same Values

These 3 schools' proposals respond to different training needs, while pursuing the same ideal of tolerance and respect.


Valentin School

Created on November 4, 1816 by Marie Rivier, religious woman dedicted in offering any child a good education, the Valentin School continues to offer a traditional religious education since 2 centuries.

It welcomes children from 3 to 18, from preschool to the end of secondary school through compulsory school.

Montessori - Le Valentin

The Montessori School - The Valentin is a secular training structure applying the Montessori Pedagogy to pupils from 3 to 6 in a French-English bilingual education full immersion.

Twelfth Active

The Twelfth Active is a secular program for young people leaving compulsory school. The aim is to enable them to find their future path: higher education, vocational schools, apprenticeship.


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