Your child is 3-6 years of age; you observe in him/her the desire to do things alone, without the interference of others. The child imitates your daily actions and wishes to do as grown-ups, including writing, reading, counting. This is healthy and natural.
Montessori - Le Valentin School will ensure the evolution of your child in an atmosphere which is caring, warm and respectful of the their rhythm and needs.

Real Opportunities

The child, in order to build his/her future, needs interaction with other children as well as the chance to benefit from an environment allowing the opportunity to learn through experiences and experiments with materials adequate to his needs, all within a caring environment

For Whom?

The school is open to the children of parents wishing to offer a Montessori Education, as developed by Maria Montessori, in a bilingual setting that is one of total immersion and in surroundings that respect the capabilities and needs of the child. We create an atmosphere that values tolerance, acceptation and encouragement so as to enable the well-being which is inherent to a harmonious development and allows the child an optimal learning process.

In Lausanne

Our school follows all the recommendations of the Montessori International Association, we guarantee to our public a welcoming quality faithful to the spirit of Maria Montessori and a rigorous and enthusiastic application of its method.

To find out more

On our website you will find a full presentation of our private school as well as useful information and interesting links.
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Tel: +41 21 312 44 33

Email: info@levalentin.ch


Rue du Valentin 7
1004 Lausanne